Sexy To Kinky

By | March 6, 2011

I have always loved lingerie. I’m not in to shoes, handbags or even fashion any more but when it comes to underwear, consider me addicted. Well, I would be if I could afford to buy everything I liked.

When I was enjoying a better salary a few years ago I could afford to spoil myself every now and then and my favourite item has to be the basque. I love the way it can shape you, even if you don’t have any shape in the first place. It didn’t occur to me until I wrote this, just now in fact, that I believe I also like the restriction.

Does that sound kinky?

The feeling that you are being supported, held, hugged, secured by an item of clothing. I guess they make me feel safe and cared for in some strange way. Uhmmm, I may need to explore that at some other time.

Second favourite item in my lingerie drawer has to be the suspender belt. I have never got on with tights. I find them so cumbersome, the crotch constantly making its way down my thighs. This was more of a problem if you were tall some years ago, well before sizing came in to existence. Now you can buy tights which fit, not the standard one size fits all.

You cannot compare tights to stockings in terms of sexiness. Not a word I use often but yes it does apply in terms of stockings. A woman looks very sexy in a pair of stockings. I love the way the tops sit just under the buttocks (I like mine pulled up, not sitting just above the knee).

I love the meeting point of curved flesh and transluscent stocking top, nuzzling just under the buttock.

There is also a sense of freedom when you wear a pair of stockings. You are more in touch with the environment, you can feel the air sweeping between your legs on a windy day. The warm breeze lifting your skirt and playing around your thighs. Comparing tights to stockings is like comparing a car to a motorbike.

I love the throb of excitement I get between my legs when I wear them. And the excitement of nobody but you being aware of this. It was a favourite move of mine to let my guy know I am wearing stocking by taking his hand and running down my outer thigh. Watching his reaction was exciting. 😉

But I suppose I gain more from the whole experience than most because I am bisexual and I love to look at other women in underwear too. I’m a fan of the Agent Provocateur campaigns as you can imagine.

I was also remembered this hot video in aid of last year’s Comic Relief this morning, click and watch and you will see what I mean. 😉 And yes the blonde is foxy!