Fuck You And My Sister

By | March 7, 2011

AssA few years ago I used to believe it or not work in sales and marketing. Not a career by choice just a necessity to earn some money. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with working in this field, it just wasn’t the right path for me.

It took me to places I had never visited before and I met some great people along the way. And there is one thing which can be said about this vocation, no two days are the same. So it never bored me just challenged my integrity from time to time.

We were given a script to recite, not a good move! After a while you begin to sound jaded and like an automaton. Lol. Although I didn’t stick rigidly to it. Don’t tell them. I used to add my own bit of humour and interest to it.

Although we were told not to lie we were advised if facing a difficult question (i.e. the product simply won’t do what they are asking), change the subject or turn the question around to fit the aspects which do apply. I got quite good at it in the end, practice did make perfect.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t deceiving the potential customer, I always felt slightly guilty for taking them away from their original route of enquiry and leading them to where I wanted them.

You may all be wondering what exactly brought about this post as it is far from my normal topic of conversation.

Well, it was this little gem which was delivered to my Inbox this morning. Yes, it is a bone fide email and I did not lift it from a funnies site. If you work in sales I strongly advise that you do not use this line with your customers. 🙂

Why? You stupid fat fuck. Have you looked at yourself in the
mirror lately? What a joke. Your lucky I am even writing this
because I can't stand you most of the time. Why do you not get
serious about looking better? With all the bullshit out there
right now and dam results I've seen in the people I know, your
an idiot not trying something. My fuckin sister lost 50 lbs
not even exercising using this crap  http://*********.com

It's about time you stopped being a lazy piece of shit and
do something about yourself.

-You know who I am probably

That would make anyone want to visit their site and buy the product immediately, wouldn’t it? 😀