Eliciting Sexual Favours

By | June 4, 2008

I’ve just spent this evening wrestling with a technical issue at Chez AlexSuze. It’s now history, but it got me thinking.

The one thing a geek could never do at school (well when I was at school) was use their technical prowess to impress the girls. To my knowledge there have never been any examples of girls going all giggly and fluttering their eyelashes at someone because they were good at computer science.

Oh yes, if you were an athlete you’d have a fan club. When the first of our upper school were old enough to get cars, that was a draw for the girls. But you never found a geek with a gaggle of girls chasing them around.

Then again I suppose the sight of a boy flexing his muscles is far more obvious as a sexually attractive feature than someone flexing their intellect.

Good job that all the best women learn that the most useful sexual organ is the mind …

.. OK, second most useful LOL