Gettin` Jiggy With The Blonde

By | March 7, 2011

Despite the video above I’m not going to write a post about Marilyn Monroe here. It’s just that as I was thinking about how to begin The Seven Year Itch popped into my head. Very weird because I’ve never felt the itch, seven years or otherwise as far as Suze is concerned.

Well unless of course you count the feeling that it’s nice to get someone else involved that we both fancy if you know what I mean. That of course would be another woman because I’m straight and Suze is bisexual of course. In fact there’s another whole post surrounding that particular issue that just popped into my head.

No, what this post is actually about is the fact that it’s very often the case that the women you lust after are unattainable for some reason or another. That could be due to marital status (yours or theirs), geographic location/separation of as in the case I’m thinking of, age.

Joanna Lumley is an actress and model who is somewhat older than me but both in her youth and even now retains a certain fascination. I’m a big believer that age and what society views as attractive characteristics are somewhat irrelevant when it comes to attraction, sexuality and sexiness.

I hate to see anyone conform to a set of rules that makes them feel uncomfortable just because that’s what people think makes you attractive. That’s not to say that I don’t find attractive that which many others do, but I’m not scared to say that I prefer a woman to look like she’s eaten in the last decade and I’m not always running after women with blonde hair and big tits.

That said, LOL, Joanna Lumley is a figure of semi-obsession for me from my early childhood. The re-runs of “The New Avengers” and “Sapphire and Steel” stick in my mind. Her obvious physical attractiveness, smooth, assured voice and calm manner just do it for me every time.

Ah, if ounly I were twenty years older. Yes you read that right. If I were twenty years younger I wouldn’t appreciate the charms of the gorgeous Miss Lumley.

And now she’s got me thinking about Emma Peal …