Sexy Leather Cat Suit

By | March 7, 2011

I’m too young to have been a fan of some of the classic TV shows from the 60s such as the Avengers and the Prisoner, but I have seen some of the episodes, often fragments on late night TV and over the years these have helped me form an obsession with the shows and some of the characters.

Whether this obsession is healthy or unhealthy I’ll let you decide, but one character in particular is Emma Peel. Her name is apparently a result of the creation of the series and a the realisation that it needed to appeal to the males in the population. That is “Male Appeal” – “M Appeal” – “Emma Peel”, I do love that story, I think I heard Patrick MacNee recount it first in a documentary about the show.

It is Emma Peel that really intrigues me. She’s a sexy character, strong, intelligent, independent and therefore appealing to me as a man. Quite an interesting combination for a decade that despite the alleged liberation of women was still ultimately misogynistic and male-oriented.

As with Joanna Lumley this is a woman who makes me feel I was a little older than I am today so I could have taken my chances with her in her prime. Fat chance, huh?

As a result of looking into the gorgeous Emma Peel I found out that she’s the mother of Rachael Stirling who play the Duchess of Sutherland in the new film “The Young Victoria”, and starred with Keeley Hawes in Tipping The Velvet.