Cock Runner

By | June 5, 2008

Don’t laugh but “do we have any pest control operatives reading”? Ok, don’t all shout at once. Although I do have a good reason for asking.

Horny has a young student relative who is currently living in rented accommodation with other young uni types. He apparently found what looked like a cockroach in the kitchen and called his mother to ask her what to do.

She advised quite rightly that he should arrange for pest control to call out and check the situation. Pest control advised him to incarcerate it and save it for examination and identification.

Frightened, he decided the best way to capture the “beast” was to suck it up the hoover and in to the bagless cylinder where it could be retrieved by the brave guy from Rentokill. This was a success.

When the guy arrived and released the insect from its confines he told him that it wasn’t a cockroach after all and that we don’t get many of them in Britain.

Instead what he did have was a “Cock Runner”.

Now, I may look a little naive sometimes but…Please!

I have even Googled for this creature but to no avail.

So was the guy taking the piss or is there really a pest out there with this name. You tell me.

Late Edit: Just found this video about Sophie Price that’s Kaitie Price’s sister (AKA Jordan) if you didn’t know.