The Silent O

By | January 12, 2007

I have been slowly developing a cold these last few days and been subjected to every icky symptom along the way.   All say Aghhh!  😀  It started off as a pain in my back just under my shoulder blades and I thought I had pulled a muscle but it turned in to a bloody cold and chest infection.

You don’t want to know what I have been coughing up.  Lets put it this way, they were solid enough to bounce.  Lol.  Anyway, enough of that I don’t want to bore you with the details.  Although I would like some sympathy.  😉

The effects of my cold have now manifested themselves in my chest area.  Stop it!  You naughty people, I have had all the “can I rub something on that for you jokes already”.  😀  Also I have lost my voice, well most of it has gone.

Normally this would not bother me but I love to be vocal in bed.  Not just giving instruction but to convey my inner elation as I am being fucked.  I don’t do silent fucking or orgasms, I never have.  Strange but it seems unnatural for me to be stifled, hence the feeling of imprisonment when I’m aware that the neighbours are in the bedroom adjacent to ours. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ashamed of our very active sex life but it’s more a defensive mechanism.  I don’t want to inflict sounds of our very pleasurable fucking on neighbours who may not appreciate it.  At times I do question this based on the fact that they smoke weed most of the time and turn their microwave on at all hours of the evening.

I can hear you all shouting “how do you know they use the microwave”.  Haha, it interferes with our television if we aren’t watching porn, so there.  Lol. 

I digress.  Yes, I don’t like to be fucked in to next week and not be able to show my appreciation verbally.  But this fucking cold has stolen my voice (it’s amazing, I never feel too ill to fuck.  How is that?)  So Alex is giving me some of his best action and all I can do is…squeak.  I try to tell him “Yes, fuck me harder” and it comes out as something resembling a mouse on steroids.

There are some upsides to this cold’s effect on my voice though.  Occasionally it goes quite deep and sexy.  I bet you can’t guess what happens then.  😉