Thrilling The Postman With My Sex Toys

By | March 9, 2011

I received a package today from one of our clients for review.  There were a couple of toys and DVD’s in there and it was eagerly received.  We had run out of new porn to watch and it’s always nice to get something new.

They had reused a box from one of their adult product suppliers and their name was emblazoned on the box and I couldn’t wait to sign for it and then check out the box for incriminating information.

I blew a sign of relief when I discovered upon examination that there wasn’t anything written on the box to indicate it contained adult products.  Then my attention was drawn to the packing tape they had used.

It read “if seal is broken or package damaged check contents before signing receipt and report to them”.  There is no way I would open the package in front of the delivery guy to let him see my consignment of naughty DVD’s and toys.  Lol

I wonder if anyone has ever had to do that…