Pussy Lips

By | June 6, 2008

This week at work has been fantastic, as I mentioned last weekend Horny has been on holiday all week which has left us alone in the department. So, we have had plenty of naughty cosy little chats and I must admit I’m smitten, not that I wasn’t already. She is such a really caring, sweet and dirty minded girl but not quite as dirty as me. 😉

This afternoon we decided without words to slow down, this week has been manic. And the conversation turned to sex education. I told her that as a child my mother had sat me down on her knee to explain the birds and the bees. And not just that, I then had to repeat what she had said to me. How embarrassing is that! Lol

Busty said it was a little more vague for her. Apparently her mum sat down with her and sex-ed book which was about soldiers, with euphemisms being used instead of the correct wording. She said one which stands out in my mind is “He stood to attention” with a picture beside it of a saluting soldier. I bet you can’t guess what that stood for. 🙂

She said the whole thing left her slightly confused. I can well understand why.

We then exchanged a couple of stories relating to misinformation gained from the playground and she went on to tell me about one of her friends when she was younger. This friend had asked her to take a look at her pussy as she thought it wasn’t like other girls.

“I was used to looking at my own and my sisters”, she announced. Ok, I thought…you were all obviously very close. She then said she went down between her legs to check her out. “Do you know she had the longest inner lips I had ever seen”, she continued…”I thought they were most unusual and nothing like I had seen before but I told her she was fine”.

“Just to be sure that things were ok I asked my mum”, she revealed. “You didn’t!”, I exclaimed, I could never have spoken so openly to my mum about someone else’s pussy lips. My mum would have probably asked me what I was doing down there and wondered if I was a lesbian. You know what parents can be like putting two and two together. Lol

Wouldn’t it be nice to have parents so open minded, mine weren’t, were yours?

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