The Sex Instructors

By | June 7, 2008

I’ve had an idea. TV is always looking for new formats. How about a series where individuals compete for an apprenticeship with a porn studio? It’s good enough for Allan Sugar in the “conventional” business world, how about for the adult industry?

The pleasure of watching the BBC’s Apprentice is watching the candidates battle for supremacy, stabbing each other in the back, ganging up on each other and generally exhibiting their ruthless side. Perhaps watching wannabe porn stars compete would be just as interesting, with the added bonus of some adult entertainment thrown in.

What better way to encourage good performances than by dangling the carrot of a studio contract in front of the hopefuls. They could be split into two teams each week and tasked with a different type of scene or scenes to film.

You could have a panel of porn celebs judging who should be thrown off based on the quality of the footage they produce.

I’m guessing the BBC wont be looking to produce a new Saturday night series called “I’d Screw Anything”, but I’m sure there’s an adult channel out there who might be interested …

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