Shay Hendrix Does Reverse Cowgirl … Yee Aaah!

By | March 9, 2011

Shay HendrixWe all convened at the far end of the room for the next scene.  Alex helped Tanya set up a square table whilst Neil set up the lighting and sound boom ready to shoot.

The guys were happily keeping themselves ready for action with the aid of continual and well judged wanking.  I have to take my hat of to these pros, they can keep it up for hours on end a careful balancing act between remaining aroused and not spilling their seed too early.

Shay was busy having her lippy retouched…it’s so much easier for the girls.

I took up a seat on the shagging table where Shay had just been giving Omar a rather nice blowjob next to Joby the photographer.  Moments later he was up on his feet camera in hand taking pics as Shay and Clark Kent posed for reverse cowgirl shots with him just sat inside her.

Shay was finding it difficult to hold position because of the high heels and low squat she had to assume to get in the position.  I know personally that this can play havoc with your inner thighs, don’t ask me why.  Lol

At this point in time I conceded to being afford a good view of the action because both Joby and Alex were taking shots and after all the “real” action would be coming up soon.  😉

Tanya and Neil had disappeared whilst the pics were being taken, their services obviously not required.  A few minutes later they emerged from the adjoining make shift makeup/changing room with a gilt framed, blue upholstered period style chair, placing it in the centre of the room to my left.

Lights, camera, action and the scene began with Clark reclining on the table now with the added comfort of pieces of foam supporting his back.  It must be uncomfortable laying back on a hard surface let alone having to shag on it.

Joby gestured for me to sit on the chair, as the table we were sitting on offered no back support I was more than happy to take up the invitation.  As I sat down I realised that my view was now obstructed by Tanya’s frame.  I stood up and moved towards the rear of the room.

Clarke was now prostrate and ready to go.  Shay said she needed a hand to step up on to the table, what with her wearing umpty inch heels.  I offered to help her and took hold of her hand with my right hand under her arm with my left , steadying her.

I continued to support her as she sank down on Clarke’s hardon.  A very strange feeling but one of being helpful to a fellow girlie.  Now when I think back, I can say I helped Shay Hendrix to sit on Clarke Kent’s cock.  It’s quite surreal.  Lol

And it just gets better…