Foot Fetish And More

By | March 10, 2011

I watch one hell of a lot of porn for the reviews we do over at Erotic Buzz Porn can sometimes be a bit formulaic and same old so I try to keep my selection varied so that you are offered a variety of styles and content which stimulates.

Fetish is something I need to explore in more depth, there is a whole world of new and exciting stuff out there that I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing.  I tried to get hold of a foot fetish DVD for something completely new but the stockists were out so I will have to put that one on the back burner for now.

Instead I indulged myself in something I have a particular kink for…titty wanking.  I lurve to watch it and even more doing it.  😉  It’s something you don’t often get to see especially to the cum shot because the stimulation for the male isn’t as intense as it is when he is inside a girl.

I’ve quickly checked out the first scene and it looks very promising, so stay tuned and I’ll post up the review as soon as I’ve watched the DVD.  I just lurve my job.  😉