Porn And Whips

By | June 7, 2008

Ben DoverEver had the feeling that your life pivots around a single instant?

It happens to me occasionally, most notably when I met Suze. No, really this isn’t bullshit, the circumstances of our meeting are complex and the moment when we actually became an item changed so many things that it seemed like the universe swung on the head of a pin hanging in the air between us. The rest of reality shifted as I looked into her eyes, a few words were spoken and everything else had to rearrange itself to accommodate ourfeelings for each other.

Anyway, it happened again today. It could have been disastrous, but worked out just fine (just so I don’t keep you in suspense).

We were round at my parents and the TV was on in the background (BBC News 24 I think). There’s been a bit of a problem with members of parliament and their expenses claims forms recently. Lots of interesting items charged to the tax payer for seemingly ridiculous amounts by MPs of all parties. Today’s casualty is a Conservative MP called … Den Dover – former Conservative Chief Whip (Not to be confused with a VibraWhip).

On hearing his name Suze and I looked at one another and said, in perfect unison “Den Dover!”

Now, fans of British porn will of course know Ben Dover from his string of adult movies like “St Teeny Cums” currently available on TelevisionX. Time stopped for a moment while fate decided which path it was going to take.

Would one or both of my parents pick up on the reference? Would they be appalled that we’d made the connection with the porn star if they knew the name and made the same connection?

Luckily they didn’t, but it did underline the thin ice we’re skating on sometimes. We saw Ben at the Passion Show in London recently. Didn’t get change to speak to him, but got a few shots of him on stage. It’s getting too easy to think of our adult industry related activities as normal and acceptable. Frankly my parents might be accepting of it all but I’m not really ready to take the risk yet, neither is Suze.

So, a narrow escape as they simply carried on talking, just a little bemused and probably thought it was just a strange and alliterative name that had simultaneously tickled our fancies.

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