Dirty, Filthy, Horny Chicks

By | March 11, 2011

I think this is a very important question – Do women have as much chance to lech as men do?

The media and society as a whole seems to provide ample opportunity for men to be lecherous.

On TV we’re always being sold stuff with beautiful women, often scantily clad and in glamorous situations. Pouting and posing they try to persuade us that the car their on-screen boyfriend drives would make us just as attractive to her as he is, despite us perhaps not having the same model good-looks. They want us to believe that they would react to the scent of a particular deodorant in a way that could not be shown until after 21:00.

In the newsagents magazines from the saucy and topless to the top-shelf tits and arse publications are waiting to entrap us guys.

Movies are the same, filled with a huge variety of totty … and as for porn, well every movie has a new girl, or girls. Where do they get them from? Oh, eastern Europe that’s right.

But do women have the same eye candy available to them?

Sadly, although there are some very handsome and charming fellas about in the real world and media women are a bit overlooked as far as I see it. Probably a hangover from the sorry days where women were expected to be at home.

In a time where most women have a choice about their lifestyle, careers and sexuality I can’t help feeling that there could be more done to provide them with titillation. I suppose my message to the media would be to get some fit, intelligent guys on screen and to the rest of us guys – get ripped and give the ladies something to dream about.

That’s true equality.