The Girl Who Loves Pussy

By | March 12, 2011

I’ve always been bisexual and I’ve never tried to hide it.  That is except for when I meet new guys.  I suppose I don’t want them to feel threatened.

If you tell a guy that you are in to girls as well as guys you cannot be sure how they will react.  I recall revealing with considered trepidation my sexuality to Alex when we first met.

I kink of blurted it out and then closed my eyes in anticipation of his reaction.  Contrary to my expectations, he was very cool about it.  In fact I think he quite liked the idea.  😉

And that’s where our open relationship started, we have never been secretive about our wants and needs and have explored most areas of sexuality together.  I hope we never run out of new adventures in the bedroom.

Certainly maintaining this site adds to the excitement.  My secret naughty side is shared with my readers here.