Plugs & Promos

By | January 13, 2007

We have been posting our daily entries on ABH now since July last year and they have provided us with some excellent traffic over the months.  Not to mention the great review which Dark Scribe did of AlexSuze a while ago.  And we strongly believe that one good turn deserves another…

If you haven’t already been over and registered with them you really ought to.  It is a wonderful blogger resource, we have also discovered some excellent new blogs and bloggers over there too.

Louis and his team are currently asking for bloggers to submit their images to “Pic Of The Day”, where they will be featured and their blog given a bit of free promotion.  I know that you wouldn’t want to miss out on that!  🙂  Up to now only myself and the naughty Mistress Sky have participated.  You should check out her “Sky On Saturday” images, they are guaranteed to get the juices flowing.  😉  I wish she lived closer to us.
So go over and give them your support now, it costs nothing and you will not only make new friends but promote your blog at the same time.  What is there to loose apart from a few minutes of your time.