Hot Monkey Sex

By | March 13, 2011

CoupleI have shared my most intimate bedroom encounters with you all here and I know you enjoy reading about them as I get a regular influx in my Inbox about them.  If you have been reading for a while you will also know that Suze doesn’t come quietly in the bedroom.  😉

For me giving feedback to my partner is an important part of having a sexually fulfilled relationship.  If you let him know what you like and even give him on the spot instruction he will reciprocate and you be stimulated exactly how you like it.  Makes perfect sense.

It’s equally as important to let your partner know when they are doing it right with the occasional “Yes” or moan as appropriate.  This ensures that he knows you appreciate his attentions and encourages him to continue.

I’m always vocal in the bedroom it’s part of who I am and when I have on occasion had to stifle myself due to visitors it feels unnatural.  I have to place my head in the pillow because my response to pleasure is a reflex action.
I’ve just read a small article in The Metro relating to just this very thing, it claims amongst other things “Crying out during sex is not just about expressing pleasure, it’s also about letting everyone else know just how popular and sockally senior your partner is.

Interesting … you can read the full article here.