Smooth, Shaved Pusy

By | March 13, 2011

It’s nice to surprise your partner from time to time. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, or expensive, just unexpected.

When we first moved into a flat together Suze and I were like kids in a sweet shop. We tried everything, every room, every position … of course with what we know now we realise we were very naïve. That is however a minor point, because what I’m talking about here is the shock and salacious pleasure I got when one evening I slipped between the sheets and slid my hand to where I knew Suze’s bush should be, only find that her protracted leg shaving session in the bathroom had extended to shaving her pussy.

I hadn’t noticed but she was watching me with fascination, obviously wanting to see my reaction when I discovered the soft, smooth flesh of her mons. I was very surprised indeed, at the time it was not usual for women to shave. Waxing yes, Brazilian maybe, Hollywood, almost unheard of.

Of course I investigated the soft and inviting lips between her legs, lapping at the hairless skin, both of us feeling extra-naughty because of it. I’m enjoying just thinking about it now.

Suze would have suffered for the shaving a little later. Soon after she shaves her skin reacts and gets inflamed and itchy. So now she just keeps the lady garden neatly trimmed, rather than shaved.

Happy Days.