Porn On Demand

By | June 9, 2008

Lolly BadcockI’m loving this subscription to TelevisionX. Unlike buying DVD’s you can watch just what you fancy and when you fancy it. With DVD’s you are restricted to watching what you bought last time you visited the Adult Store.

And the videos available are not glossy overly produced scenes either. I like my porn to have a slight amateurish quality about it, not to say there aren’t some polished performances but they have a more realistic quality than the over-produced American productions can have.

Take last nights for example. I fancied watching something a bit different so I selected a party scene. Really it was an orgy with a lot of action going on. It wouldn’t normally have been something I would select in the Adult Store but I gave it a try and didn’t regret it. It got me off…I was really horny and couldn’t wait for Alex to fuck me.

We ended up fucking like bunnies half way through and then watching the ending afterwards. Nothing like getting a good seeing to whilst watching a blonde with something in both ends. 😉

Without the ability to sample this DVD online I would never have seen this action. Porn online is so easy and versatile and if you don’t like what you have loaded you can select another…try that with a DVD!

I must say I am getting a thing for Lolly Badcock, she knows her way around a woman…she is such a dirty bitch.

Just my sort of girl. 😉

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