Big Natural Boob Lovers

By | March 14, 2011

Ewa SonnetI’m a lover of the female form in all its guises and my tastes in potential love interests has developed over the years. For example I never used to be in to ladies with ample breasts and now I can’t take my eyes of a girl if she is well stacked. Just look at me and Busty! 😉

I think my desires have changed as I myself have. When I was younger as I have mentioned before I was skinny and almost flat chested to the point that I almost had surgery to give me a cleavage. I’m so glad I didn’t now. Hence my developing attraction to lovely curvaceous orbs I suppose.

But my liking for ample chests doesn’t stretch to boob jobs. More often than not they are totally false and detectable in appearance, resembling Tupperware bowls. Sometimes I see a pair of boobs and the question arises “Are they false?”, so perhaps sometimes they do look real.

One other major problem with surgically enhanced breasts is the nipple distortion that can arise. Instead of the areola being spherical it gets stretched in to a diamond shape, not at all flattering.

I’ve also found that there is a proportion scaling for the size of areola to boob, I’m not sure of the calculation behind it but small areolas don’t look right sat in the middle of large breasts. Again I would find myself questioning if they originally started off that size.

Writing this post has just made me realise that I’m attracted to busty girls with sizeable areolas which are pinkish brown in shade, round and not puffy. I’m certainly not into puffy.

An example of a nice pair of large naturals is the young lady above, she is Ewa Sonnet. Nothing Tupperware about those, they give way to gravity and so they should. 😉 What do you think?

I also enjoyed the behind the scenes research which went in to writing this post. 😉