Filthy Rubber Fuck

By | June 9, 2008

We were watching Lolly Badcock’s School of Rubber last night when something occurred to me. Lolly’s a girl who is renown for her use of the odd expletive. OK, maybe having a filthy mouth might be more accurate. Quite frankly it’s a close-run thing whether Lolly or Alicia Rhodes would win in a competition to see who had the filthiest mouth.

What I began to think about was not specifically Lolly (or Alicia’s) foul language, but the whole subject of dialogue in porn films. When porn movies were on cine film they often didn’t have sound tracks. Being totally illegal meant that it was difficult to get them processed and edited, and the audience were happy to get what they could.

From the 1970s porn films came with plots, and dialogue to support them. That can of course be a two-edged sword as porn performers are not hired for their acting ability. Performances often provided light relief and an interlude between the sex scenes rather than the glue holding together a dramatic masterpiece.

Then there’s the narration off-camera, maybe by an unseen voice actor, leading the viewer through what passes for a plot in porn movies. Done well this is great for scene-setting, describing scenarios, giving a scene’s protagonists a framework within which they can work.

Recently though the advent of DVD and now video on demand (VoD) has mean that, combined with gonzo style porn, anyone can be narrator, actor or cameraman in any combination within a production.

The disembodied voice off-camera may be describing the scenario. Certain studios allow the cameraman to narrate (sometimes even getting involved with the action), creating a voyeuristic feel. I do find this can emphasise the contrived nature of such a scene. They are very often formulaic and uninspiring, the gonzo nature of the production being the star of the movie rather than the performers. With a little humour this can work, but in the wrong hands … eeeewwww!

One style of commentary that I find completely irritating is one that I see repeatedly in one studio’s output. Naming no names, let’s just say it’s not TelevisionX. It involves the “host” of the movie doing a piece to camera with his soon to be sexual partner. He introduces her to the viewer, sometimes indulges in a little show-boating about his own sexual prowess, before getting down to the deed. Interesting, maybe once or twice, but it soon looses what little sparkle it has.

When the actors start to narrate the scene, while engaged in it, things can go one of two ways. In Lolly’s School Of Rubber a shallow, but adequate plot soon gives way to the performers talking dirty, encouraging each other to suck, finger and probe each other to orgasm. In School of Rubber the dialogue does the job, just, without becoming too invasive. The problem with some titles I’ve seen in the past is that the actors have been directed, or take it upon themselves to try and describe every act, every move in minute, explicit and base detail.

Finally I suppose there’s the most natural dialogue of all, the quickened breathing, guttural grunting and occasional impassioned, imploring ejaculation that accompanies the real thing ;o)

Each of the above has it’s fans, it’s attractions and it’s devotee’s. thank goodness that there are such a huge range of title available to satisfy all appetites.

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