XXX Pick, Hard Nipples At Hand

By | March 13, 2011

Ice NippleWe’ve just started a new feature here on AlexSuze to feature some of the other hot bloggers out there and bring them to your attention.

Each day we will select a post to feature here from the day’s postings on Adult Blog Hub and we will post a small extract to get you all excited and a link to their site.

So here is my first selection it comes from the aptly named  “The Naughty Spot” and it’s entitled Hard Nipples At Hand.  It also has a very nice nipple pic, I’m not sure if it’s Sex Fairy’s but it’s very nice.  😉

“My nipples are very sensitive, but they aren’t always erect like the nips some women contend with…you know, those ‘mind of their own’ type breasts. Nope, mine are ladies of leisure unless given a reason to do something.”