Obscene Images, Obscene Art

By | June 9, 2008

Ginza Tanaka HandbagThere are many definitions of obscene, but in a world where much of the population is hovering on the edge of poverty and starvation this ranks alongside Damiens Hurst’s “For The Love Of God” as an obscene creation.

Neither piece serve a function as it would be impossible to use the bag without a security entourage and as for the skull … it could only be a prop in the blingiest Hamlet ever staged.

In each the craftsmanship is indisputable, but the investment of cash that might have been better spent actually doing some good … I’m lost for words.

Save perhaps to suggest that a better use of your money, if for example you want a piece of blingy art without the ridiculous price tag (well not quite as ridiculous) you should try Peter Fuss‘ For “The Laugh Of God“.

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