34DDs Anyone Wanna See Them?

By | June 10, 2008

Boob PhoneHorny returned from her holiday yesterday, full of the excitement about the last week’s debauchery. I wouldn’t normally of used that expression for her but the more I heard about her holiday the more I gasped open mouthed.

All I can say is she ought to become a blogger because her exploits are, well to be quite honest dirty, but she sees them as quite normal. *giggle*

She revealed that she had ended up pole dancing one night for a group of guys and completely forgotten she had. Then the following night a guy approached her and asked if she was going to do her pole dance again. She said “I nearly died…I had no idea I had done that”. 🙂 She is such a dirty bitch but you wouldn’t believe it to look at her.

And then as if that wasn’t enough she admitted that one evening she put her foot behind her head and got a round of applause. I bet she did!

I’m thinking that I wouldn’t mind going on a girls holiday with her in the future. Money permitting of course. 😉

We had just settled down to do some work and I do emphasise the “Some” because most of yesterday was spent catching up on Horny’s exploits. A refreshing change from the monotony of work.

Her mobile phone then rang and it was her friend…the one who wanted to have the increase in breast size. She has already had one boob job. Well, turns out that she had been in and had an upgrade while Horny was away.

She had sent Horny an MMS of her acquisitions. Drum roll please…

…her newly purchased 34DD’s.

I didn’t expect to be able to view the image, I knew that Horny would be able to because she has known Horny for a few years prior to me working with them. But no, I got chance to check them out too.

They were what can only be described as enormous and far too big for her frame. We all made the same comment that she didn’t have to go up to such a large size. I’m wondering if in months to come I may just see her appearing on TVX.

We will just have to wait and see. 😉