Wet and Needy

By | June 10, 2008

I was contemplating the fact that in this country summer is very short. Or more accurately a reliably dry and sunny period within the summer is rarely longer than a few days. The summer rolls on, but unlike more equatorial locations the chances of it being punctuated by showers or even summer storms is very high. The price we pay for a maritime climate and the most clement weather in the North Atlantic.

What this means is that women wear summer dresses for only a short time. That’s if of course they wear a dress at all because in recent years fashion for many women has dictated that there are trousers and there are short skirts, but not much in between.

Gone are the flowing dresses and artfully displayed cleavages of summers past. No longer do you get to see a glimpse of thigh as the wind whips up and causes hems to rise …

Well until now that is. It would seem that this year the summer dress count has increased and thin tempting dresses are in evidence. At least around here.

Now all we need is a sudden shower to drive a dark-haired woman to our door looking for shelter from the downpour. Only for me to say, “Look at you.” You ought to get out of those wet clothes.

Clichéd I know, but who doesn’t find that little fantasy attractive?