Fucking Like A Beast

By | March 15, 2011

We went to bed after dinner this evening, just to catch up on a little rest. We’d had a very late night last night and hadn’t really had enough sleep to recover so today has been a matter of us running on reserves. The best laid plans however often go astray …

As we lay there watching a wildlife program I felt the need to embrace Suze. I reached over and pulled her towards me, feeling her breasts press against my chest and her legs wrap around mine. All very natural and loving, until my libido kicked in.

Having the soft flesh of your lover matching the contours of your body has to be the most erotic thing imaginable. Forget fancy words, clever metaphors or poetric wordplay. The simplest and yet most complex of sensations are contained in an embrace and set off the body on its inexorable path to sexual arousal and eventual fulfilment. It’s a juggernaut of immeasurably large mass that once set in motion is almost impossible to stop.

The tingling of desire spread across my body, my cock, resting on the warm flesh of Suze’s inner thigh stirred and grew. There was no thought involved, only feelings. Love, desire, an urgency that comes from nowhere and accelerates the progression towards copulation.

I pushed her onto her back and pushed my body between her legs. She parted her thighs wide, evidently feeling a desire that matched my own. I could smell her on the hot zephyr that rose from between her legs. A little saliva was required on my cock to ease entry, the progression from relaxation to penetration too quick even for her rapidly moistening snatch to provide the required lubrication.

I pushed inside her, finding her hot and wet. Missionary is a position that we seem to favour at the moment. Normally it’s one that isn’t at the top of our list as it is not a great aid to penetration, requiring me to angle my hips just right to reach the furthest depths of Suze’s pussy. It has it’s advantages, the opportunity for constant eye contact, except when you both kiss. Then there’s the feeling of Suze’s breasts oscillating on her chest the hard nipples and soft flesh rolling and rubbing against mine as I fucked her.

She came three times. The first was for her, my thrusts attentive to her needs, trying to give her the fucking she needed to ride the orgasmic curl as long as possible. The second was meant to be for us both, but as I reached the point of no return I heard a certain timbre to her moans that persuaded me to watch her ride this particular one to the shore too.

She was wet now and I was dripping with sweat, the bedroom full of the scent of fucking. I slowed my pumping enjoying the slow in-out of my cock in hot wet pussy. Without quickening my pace I could soon feel Suze rising to another crescendo and this time I let myself go, our fluids mingling in a wet, fragrant slow motion climax.