Lucky Fucker Part 2

By | March 16, 2011

Wet AssContinued from here.

I awoke an hour later to find Dawn emerging from the kitchen with two cups of coffee. She was wearing my dressing gown and had evidently showered. “I hope you don’t mind.” She said “I needed to freshen up.

She sat across from me and we chatted. It was the oddest thing. Only an hour or so before we had been strangers, since then we had fucked and now she was sat across from me in a towelling robe that was way to big for her looking so cute … I felt uncomfortable, my cock had stuck itself to my leg with a mixture of her cum and mine.

“I need to get a shower …” I explained as I got up.

“OK” she said, sipping from her mug.

I had just got the temperamental shower to a stable temperature and had begun to wash myself when I heard the bathroom door open. I could see Dawn on the other side of the translucent shower curtain. The bathroom was filling with steam so her outline was indistinct, then she seemed to drop out of sight.

I leaned out from behind the plastic curtain fearing she had fallen over and was greated by the site of her sitting on the tiled floor, my robe open to reveal a petit pair of breast with the most provocative pair of erect pink nipples I had ever seen. Her pussy was trimmed and as I watched she dipped her finger inside while watching me. She raised the now glistening digits to her mouth to taste the blend of our juices that was still oozing from her.

I quickly washed myself and threw back the shower curtain. My cock was almost fully erect the thought of the girl playing with her pussy only a couple of metres way sending the blood rushing to my member. She pulled the towel I had placed on the radiator onto the floor and slid forward onto it kneeling in wait for me. When I stepped out she grabbed my cock and began to lick it.

Her tongue ran up and down its length, never stopping for a moment. Her hands grasped at my balls and gently worked my foreskin back and forth. She suckled at the tip of my erection drawing out as much of the clear precum as she could. Dawn then increased the speed of her strokes to bring me to a climax.

I pushed her away and stepped behind her, pushing her over the edge of the bath. She presented her ass to me, the tight puckered ring tempting, but oh, too soon, it’s glistening, softer companion below awaiting my cock. She grabbed the edge of the bath, I grabbed her shoulders and with an enthusiasm that verged on the brutal drove into her until she screamed out an orgasm in a few seconds. I came in two swift bursts, the contractions of the muscles in my groin continuing for many seconds after my ejaculation had finished, each pulsing moment more intense than the one before until it ebbed away.

The shower we enjoyed together to clean up from that encounter was much more fun than showering alone …