Lucky Fucker Part 3

By | March 16, 2011

White PantiesI patted her dry with my towel and while rubbing my own hair dry we both walked through to my bedroom. She lay on the bed. It was late, in fact so late it was almost early but the time and the fatigue did not matter because we were excited, our hearts pumping.

She lay back on the bed and stretched like a cat languishing in front of a fire. I looked at her cute breasts, curvy hips and trimmed pubes, it would have been so easy just to slip inside her and fuck her again but we were exploring and my tongue felt like it needed an expedition.

Her eyes were closed but she could of course feel me moving on the bed. As I approached her I pushed apart her legs by sliding between them. I kissed up her inner thighs, the softness of her skin perfumed by my own shower gel but the freshness of the soap not masking the delicious odour of her pussy. With each kiss closer to her pussy than the last she squirmed until finally as I reached her sex she raised up her knees and dug her heels into the bed to allow me complete access to her snatch.

Her soft lips yielded to my probing tongue, each delicate fold opening to allow me access to a living delicacy full of tastes, aromas and textures. I slowly lapped upwards from the opening of her vagina to her clitoris. I circled her engorged bud then pushed the tip of my tongue into the tiny hood to massage the cluster of nerves. I pressed my lips around her clit as I did do sucking to heighten the sensation.

Dawn bucked against my face, pubic hair pressing into the skin of my lips and chin. I started to flick her with my tongue making her shudder. Now I let my tongue wander further again, following every intricate fold of her labia, back and forth, up and down until I made my way to the opening of her pussy.

The taste was intense, rich and sexual, tinged slightly with my own semen from our previous encounters. My tongue became hot as I probed inside and teased the entrance to her wet cavern. I lingered for a while probing as deep as I could until the frenulum under my tongue felt like it would tear.

I disengaged from her and we both slid further up the bed and kissed. She could taste herself on my lips and pushed her tongue deep into mine, wanting to experience her own essence. I felt her hand grasp my cock and pull it towards her and slipped between her legs. She rolled onto her side and pulled one leg up so I could straddle the other. I entered her like that, balls rubbing against her inner thigh while I pushed into her.

Then she surprised me. She licked her middle finger and reached around to her ass and began to rub at her tight hole. She became suddenly more excited and animated.  I grabbed her breast and massaged it firmly while thrusting into her more vigorously than before. She was hot and horny and the sight of her finger rubbing her hole was tipping me over the edge.

Her pussy suddenly gripped me, the contractions accompanied by a long shrieking “ffuuuuckkk” from her pretty mouth. I lost control and in two hard thrusts emptied myself into her. I kept thrusting with my empty balls still attempting to pump semen into her. The orgasm turned from joyous climax to an almost painful series of muscular spasms that left me breathless. I collapsed onto the bed behind her with my arm across her and we both fell asleep.

We were woken half an hour later by the rising sun streaming through the tatty curtains.