Cumming All Over Your Face

By | March 16, 2011

I have never filmed myself coming. We have videoed ourselves fucking but without a camera crew you become self conscious and camera angle aware. It would be quite a revelation to see myself in the grip of orgasm. I’ll ask Alex to help out here and video me next time I have a girlie work out. 😉

To try and get the shot whilst he is fucking me would be too difficult to achieve. He would probably come himself and bugger up the shot. Lol When you’ve got to come you’ve got to come.

One thing I am aware of is that I hold my breath as well as tensing every muscle below my waist line. And crossing the feet over each other is essential when bringing myself off on my clit. The following day I am reminded of the previous nights activities because my upper foot aches. 😉

Somehow tensing all those muscles combined with pushing my crossed foot in to my lower focuses the mind blowing clitoral orgasms that I have. It is like my whole lower body are gripped by the intensity of my climax.

And afterwards I gasp and pull in air to my lungs, which have been starved of oxygen whilst I hit my high and plateaued.

But to see my face just before and during my orgasm would be enlightening. I hope I don’t look dopey. Lol

This post was triggered by a porn DVD we were watching earlier. Picture the scene. Two girls, a brunette who is cuffed in a chair with her legs in stirrups. White gossamer panties and a zip up nurses tunic, which is unzipped down to her navel. The other Lolly (dirty cow) Badcock is between her knees rubbing her clit.

Good so far.

Then the faces start. Not just on the blonde recipient of Lolly’s attentions. But on Lolly too. What can only be described as porn gurning. Both of them were pulling some hideous faces. They were reminiscent of those cheap blow up dolls. You know the ones I mean, open mouthed and not at all arousing, just with purpose. 😉

Up until then I was hooked, Lolly was being the enthusiastic dirty bird she always is and the blonde was loving it. Hence my need to find out what kind of faces I pull whilst doing the do. I’m sure they are nothing like the ones they were pulling.

Why not try it yourself and let me know if you, “porn gurn”.