Fucking The Teacher

By | March 16, 2011

StockingsHe watched her from the back of the class. Hair tied and pinned tight in a bun at the back of her head, black rimmed glasses perched on her nose and a biro playing across her slightly glossy lips as she walked up and down the rows of desks.

The class had their heads down, oblivious to her as they completed the five minute test she had set them to end the lesson. They heard her stilettos tap on the wooden floor but didn’t see the sway of her hips emphasised by the dark grey pencil skirt with its provocative split up the rear.

He did, he noticed everything about her movements. He became uncomfortable, the hard cock in his trousers feeling painfully constricted.

She spotted him watching her as she turned to walk towards the back of the class. She didn’t quicken her pace but as she reached him and before turning to pace back towards the blackboard she leant next to his ear and said quietly “See me afterwards”.

He looked at the clock, mouth now dry with anticipation and counted every second of the sweep hand as time slowed down.

Eventually the bell sounded and the class came to life, pens thrown into satchels, chairs screeching as they were dragged across the floor and the sound of 25 boys release from the purgatory of maths into the afternoon sun.

He waited, looking down at the desk until they had left. He didn’t look up as she locked the door and drew down the green roller blind on it.

His eyes stayed fixed on the graffiti covered wood until her black high heels appeared in his peripheral vision. Then and only then did he let himself look slowly up her body to take in her curvaceous figure.

“Do you like watching me?” She asked.

“Yes, I do Miss Simonds.”

“Do you imagine me naked?”

“Yes, I do Miss Simonds.”

“Do you masturbate while thinking about me?”

“All the time Miss Simonds.”

“Good.” She said and smiled.

Her hands reached down and pulled the tight garment up to above her hips. She turned and leant over a desk, displaying a shapely ass bisected by a thin thong.

He stood and she listened for the sound she wanted to hear. His zip was unfastened, making her heart skip a beat and a shudder run through her. His fingers pulled the thong down her legs to her stocking tops and almost immediately she felt the dome of his cock nuzzle at the opening to her cunt.

“Fuck me  Headmaster!” She cried.