Opportunistic Anal

By | June 11, 2008

Fun Factory BootieSuze and I do anal occasionally. More accurately Suze likes a little anal stimulation from time to time. We’ve had full anal sex, yes, but for the most part she simply enjoys a little massaging of her anus.

For a while now she’s been looking for something that we can practically use when the mood takes us, and particularly her, while already involved in sex. The problem we have found is that most toys require a significant amount of preparation. As Suze doesn’t always feel like anal play we tend not to have a toy ready, with the essential lube, so the moment passes and a moistened fingertip is used.

That changed tonight.

We were indulging in wild and vigorous sex, always great to relax Suze due to the multiple-orgasmic nature of that activity for Suze. Having screwed in missionary for several minutes and providing Suze with a number or eye-rolling, shuddering orgasms, I rolled her onto her side and continued to assert myself.

I was really enjoying it, the evening had just started to cool after a terribly hot day and I was finally able to exert myself. I took full advantage of the drop in temperature and Suze, was obviously ecstatic that the wait for satisfaction was over.

It’s at times like this that Suze often wants anal stimulation. Of course it’s so difficult to actually provide it with a toy when you’re in-coitus. However the new mini-butt plug we acquired recently was perfect for the job. It was just large enough to give Suze the stimulation she lusted after without being too extreme. For me it provided a new sensation and the satisfaction that we had notched up another first, relaxed and arousing anal play for Suze with a butt plug.

I was able to reach into her bedside draw, pick up the butt plug and the lube, then lubricate and insert it, all in a few seconds.

Just the ticket. We were given the toy specifically for review and if you want to read Suze’s verdict you can do so here.

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