Too Hot For Panties

By | June 11, 2008

I bet you can guess from the title that Suze has been wearing no panties today. The weather has really picked up over the last week and it is far too hot in our non airconditioned, goldfish bowl office.

I’m fed up of being sticky. Stop it…I don’t mean in that kind of way. So, today out came the lilac wrap around summer dress and off came the panties. My dress is just under the knee in length and providing that a strong wind didn’t lift it I knew I would be safe.

And guess just what happened as I stepped out of the car this morning. Yes, the bloody wind took hold of the bottom of my dress and tried to show the whole of the office exactly what I wasn’t wearing this morning. 😉

Quick reactions preserved my modesty. There is something really naughty and arousing about knowing that you have no panties on and nobody else knows about it. I find it a real turn on, although I don’t make a habit of it because knowing me I would get caught with my pants down or should I say “Off”. Lol

The air around my pussy helped to keep me cool but burning inside, I felt so damn horny. Climbing the internal staircase with open treads had to be done with caution too. What an upskirt shot that would have made.

It would be great if I could get away with not wearing a bra too but my nipples would let me down. As soon as I got excited the whole office would know about it. Then of course there is the jiggle and bounce. Oh well, it’s a nice thought not to have to push them in to the confines of your bra all day.

But it’s all so nice when I can release them when I get home, Alex thinks so too!