Pussy Perfection

By | June 12, 2008

Horny despite being quite gregarious and having many friends still doesn’t have a man in tow. I’m not sure why, perhaps she can be a bit scary when she has indulged in a few glasses of vino. Some of the things she does when inebriated you would probably pay to view. 😉

This in itself may be a little intimidating to most men, I don’t know. She has a habit of giving out her cards to men when she is having a good time and on one occasion I wrote about recently she gave one to a guy who’s girlfriend wasn’t too impressed at finding it in his trousers and called her up on her mobile.

Don’t go there, we said the same thing, “If she is going through his trouser pockets he must have a bit of a rep”. But who are we to speculate. Lol

Well, Horny got a call yesterday from her Scottish male friend. I’m calling him friend because she fancies the pants off him but I’m not sure if he has fancied them off her if you know what I mean. 😉

He called to say he coming down from the Highlands to see her.

So, today without further ado she went to have her pussy waxed at lunchtime. It does raise the question just how close are they. She gives the impression that there is nothing going on but I think there has to be if you are having you pussy trimmed and groomed.

I tried to make her confess by asking if she would be seeing his Trossachs but she just laughed it off.

What do you think? Is she getting a bit of a sporraning? 😉

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