Local Girls Wanting No Strings Sex, Yeah, Right!

By | March 21, 2011

Oral SexI’ve been on a couple of site recently that have those little pop-up windows in the bottom corners that announce a hot and horny local girl webcam in ready for your call …

Just as with the adult dating site ads that get your Geo-Pos from your IP and proclaim hot and sexy singles just down the road from you they are a crude and transparent marketing tool, but catch the eye nonetheless.

The question is, does anyone click on them because of the promise of local totty ready to jump on you?

At a conscious level I think not, but unconsciously I suspect that people who do use sex lines and webcam girls react better to local girls than those from several time zones away. That is of course unless you prefer a bit of the exotic.

The phone sex chat/text lines advertised on late night satellite channels are the same. One of the selling points prominently marketed is “local girls/singles/women”, even encouraging you to sign up by texting your postcode. As if that actually makes a difference to the person on the other end of the phone that you’ll eventually be conversing with.

Funny isn’t it that even with the entire Internet to provide sexual stimulation there’s still an appetite for the familiar. Even if that is partly due to the thought that if the person you’re communicating with is only a few streets away they might make the fantasy you’re playing out over the ether into reality.