Sex And Vegetables

By | June 13, 2008

Busty disappeared for a late lunch break yesterday and hadn’t returned by the time I left. I had to go to the dentist and missed her.

And this morning when I got in to work she couldn’t wait to tell me about her lunch hour. She went in to the local mall and as she was paying for her goods in the supermarket there she spotted a guy on the next checkout who was apparently fit.

She described him as having piercing blue eyes. She said I was looking at him slightly and he was looking at me when I caught sight of him in my peripheral vision. Great I thought to myself…ok, I don’t mind sharing her especially if she would like to hook up and do a threesome.

“I checked out his bum and it was tight, he was a tall guy”, she continued. She explained that he kept looking at her and she was coyly smiling back at him. “You know how you get that feeling when someone really catches your attention and you would like to get to know him better”, she continued.

It was plain to see that she had really fallen for this tall, dark and handsome stranger. Busty said that she tried to hurry through the checkout, urging the girl to speed up. Totally aware that the other guy had finished.

“I paid for my groceries and looked up and he had disappeared”, she exclaimed. Horny and I released an empathic sigh at the same time. This girl has been on her own far too long and it a about time she found a guy who treats her right.

Even though she rushed out of the store and in to the car park, it wasn’t timely enough to catch site of him. She even walked up and down a little to see if she could spot him but he had gone.

“It’s strange how you just know when someone rocks your world and you know immediately that you would like to get to know them better”, she said with a sigh.

We advised her to go to the same store again at the same time next week and see if she can spot him. I feel a little bit of matchmaking going on. Perhaps we could put an appeal out on local radio…