Three In The Bed And …

By | March 21, 2011

Oh No!I’m addicted to watching Jeremy Kyle and I make no excuses for it.  It’s my little indulgence and it makes me feel better knowing that no matter how bad things look there’s always someone living a worse life.  Lol

This morning I watched with amazement as a couple turned up for DNA on their infant because they weren’t sure who the father was.  A regular situation on Jeremy Kyle you may be thinking and quite rightly.

But this morning it was a little bit different, not the usual “she slept with someone else whilst we were on a break” kind of stuff.  No something a little trashier.

The couple had been trying for a second child and had been having unprotected sex for a while.  On this particular evening they had decided to have a threesome with another guy.  Not for the first time, as they reveal they have done it several times.

Apparently hubby likes to watch her being fucked by other guys but she doesn’t like seeing him with other girls because she gets jealous.  And I’m thinking she is having a whale of a time, then I stopped in my tracks.

Did this couple intend to get her impregnated at any cost, even to another man?

We all sat eagerly awaiting the result as Jeremy steered them slowly along the twisty turny path of retrospectiveness, not that they would know what that meant.  Lol

As he opened the envelope we all sat watching with baited breath…surely a one night stand isn’t going to implant her egg over a guy who is screwing her every night, is he?

Jeremy starts his opening line “The results show…”

“The child is not yours”.

She looks devastated at the news and bursts in to tears and he tells her it’s alright as they knew there was a chance he wasn’t the farther.

You have to ask yourself, did the selfish needs of these two people make them blind to the fact that one day they are going to have to explain how he isn’t the father and why.  And I’m not feeling at all sorry for the couple they were implicit in this act, it’s the child that has to deal with the reality of the situation.

It’s ok having fun but don’t bring an innocent in to it.