Eyes Wide Open, Legs Tight Shut Or The Other Way Around If You Like

By | March 22, 2011

Leather Skirt OffWe were driving home this evening started talking about the different view people have of the adult industry. I don’t so much mean whether they think it’s a good of bad thing but the way in which everyone in it views what they do and the activity of those around them.

Having being involved in the adult biz for several years now we take what we see as pretty everyday stuff. We’re rarely shocked, except by how crap some of the product available is, both toys and porn. Luckily we are still often surprised by the inventiveness of a small minority of businesses and individuals.

Having been at it for so long it would be easy to lose perspective when looking at new ideas and products. Indeed as I observed in an article for a trade magazine, when you look at an exhibition or idea you should take someone new to the business with you to get their opinion. Adult industry virgins may not able to put what they see within the context of the industry as a whole but they can give an honest appraisal of their experiences without the taint which your experience brings. Walking into an exhibition hall and being approached by a fully naked woman is for us not amazing, though it is fun – for a newbie it’s rather exciting and surprising.

More tomorrow, off to bed yawn!