The Perils Of Slippery Sex In The Bathroom

By | March 22, 2011

Bathroom SexLube Can Be Your Best Mate…y  😉

I’ve never subscribed to any supernarkets’ online shopping; Not only do I not want to give them £5 for picking my goods and delivering them but I want to select my own fresh produce, so I know it’s exactly that, fresh.

Although I have to concede that it would be great just to put in a repeat order than fight my way past abandoned trolleys and jaywalkers, then there is the huge queue for the till.  And you can guarantee that I will join the queue who has the woman paying with cash and hundreds of coupons at the front or the one who forgot something and has to slip back in to the store.

Another issue is substitution, if you select an item which you cannot have due to lack of stock they kindly substitute the closest thing for you.  This can have some amusing results as a story I just read did.

When Mike Boss took delivery of his shopping from Asda and checked off the delivered items on his manifest he noticed something he didn’t order.  Instead of a bottle of Matey Bubble Bath he received a bottle of lube.  Not much good for getting his two children clean.  Lol

Not exactly a like for like substitution although it could come in handy for relaxing at the end of the day just like the Matey Bubble Bath.  😉