Caveman Sex

By | June 14, 2008

Suck HoodSince we started reviewing on this blog, and then setting up Sex Toys Buzz, we’ve come across increasingly ingenious sex toys. Although you can still buy the traditional phallic vibes and associated paraphernalia there’s a lot out there to intrigue and excite that looks unlike any sex toy you’ve seen before.

We have two such items coming up in the next couple of days, one a brand new toy for you ladies. Very sleek, very sexy, very new. And another which is, well as I’m trying to be diplomatic here, quite unique.

The ladies toy will be reviewed on Sex Toys Buzz shortly the rather unusual toy will be featured on

Ingenuity is not new though. Since we began to make tools human beings have made sex toys. There’s the now famous stone dildo of Neolithic origin and numerous jade artefact from China.

And if you particularly want a stone dildo, you can buy one here.

And the picture? It’s from Leather Post, where I found the granite dildo … there’s always something new to discover :o)