Disturbing Bodily Fluids

By | March 24, 2011

Up-Skirt PussyI’m being a good girl latterly and sticking to my every other day workout at the gym.  This consists of rowing, weights and cycling which gives me a good toning and cardiac workout.  When I leave I’m buzzing with the adrenaline high.  🙂

And I’m now actually enjoying pushing myself and seeing how my fitness levels have improved since I first started to breathlessly do all these activities.  I would end up so breathless that I couldn’t speak until I got my breath back.

Now, I find myself rowing and having a full blown conversation with the other regulars there who I’ve now got to know.  It’s great company for me because I sit in my home office all day with nobody to talk to but the cat and the occasional client.

But today’s rowing experience wasn’t quite as good as normal, I’ll tell you why.  I had been rowing for about 5 minutes and well in to my flow when a guy took the machine next to me.  At first I didn’t notice and then it blew my way.  The unmistakable smell of stale sweat.

He smelt rank and the more he rowed the faster the fan on his machine blew his stink towards my nostrils.  I found myself trying to row with my head pointing away from him but I knew that I would crick my neck so I had to abandon that idea.

I felt trapped, I didn’t want to break my rhythm and go and sit on a machine further away so I was stuck with him for all 10 minutes of his desperate manic tugging.  I’m sure everyone could see the smile on my face when he got up and left.  Lol

I’ll be keeping an eye out for stinky in future and trying my best to avoid his BO problem.