Sex And Blood Lust

By | March 25, 2011

Vampires are a constant source of fascination to me. Well, the view we have of vampires anyway. The various myths and legends have been changed over time and added to by films and books. There is a huge range of “rules” about what a vampire is and isn’t, what they can and can’t do, what they can endure and what will harm them.

One thing that is almost universal in the 21st century is that vampires are sexy. They can be male or female, straight, gay or bisexual, what ever they are they are beguiling, attractive and criminally cool.

This may be part of an evil conspiracy by the manufacturers of cosmetics! I’ve been thinking about it, probably too much, LOL, about how the depiction of vampires in film for example is a makeup company’s dream. A vampire’s main feature is the big pointy teeth but everything else which defines them as a blood-sucking night creature is about pale skin contrasting with deep red blood, emphasised piercing eyes and talon-like finger nails.

All of these things can be emphasised by makeup, light foundation, carefully shaded eyes, and in the case of the nails a bit of red nail polish. I’m surprised a cosmetics firm hasn’t used the vampire theme directly to promote its products, a little Goth maybe but it would make very striking posters.

Think about the nails when she’s next running her fingers down your back …