Do Panties Bring You Off?

By | June 15, 2008

I have my work colleagues to thank for this post as they inspired it with their comments the other day. They were talking about big pants or thongs and which we all wear. Busty likes to wear big pants when she is menstruating for some reason. It could be the comfort factor of having something big and lycra hugging your nether regions.

Whereas Horny likes not to have anything restricting her. And she wears a lot of white cotton trousers. I’m sure she doesn’t wear anything under those…I’ve checked. Lol No visible lines at all not even at the front, so I’m guessing she does the Brazilian. 😉

I know there is a lot of talk about cheese wires when it comes to thongs but I wouldn’t wear anything else. A few years ago I was fully in to big pants but not now. The freedom of the thong has been realised.

And…don’t tell anyone but I like the feel of the cotton fabric running across my anus. It digs in ever so slightly, enough to make me aware that it’s there and that feels good. I bet some guys would like that too. 😉

No, there is nothing to equal the feeling of wearing no panties whilst having the accompanying sensation of something rubbing against your ass.

Apart from one pair of tight jeans that I have, which have a very thick seam running up the gusset. I tell you when that baby runs over your clit things start to happen. If I move or sit in a considered way I can almost rub one out without anyone knowing. 😉

They are my favourite trousers, Summer pants just don’t cut the mustard.

My next favourite item of clothing is my lycra t-shirt bra. It allows me to feel the sensation of things passing over my nipples, which doesn’t happen with normal bras…coupled with the feeling of freedom as the air is able to penetrate through it.

A secondary level of pleasure is derived from knowing that the guys can see my pert nipples pushing though the fabric. This simply is not achievable with other bras, specifically padded ones. I find padded bras invert me all day and when I get home I just want to peel them off and give myself a good rub.

So, as you can see, wearing clothing can be as erotic as being naked sometimes or perhaps even more so. 😉