XXX Pick, Bruised Tits

By | March 24, 2011

ShowerI was checking out the days posting over on Adult Blog Hub and came across a post relating to something I’ve never observed before and as a matter of a fact or really checked out what it was all about.

What am I talking about “Steak And  Blow Job Day”, that’s what.  It thought the title was more or less explanatory but not the reason for its existence.  Apparently we girlies have our day, that being St Valentines Day so the guy have theirs one month later, hence the creation of SBJ Day.

Strange I don’t recall February 14th being Worship My Fanny Day or did I miss something?  Lol

Anyway, it all sounds like a bit of fun and Kai over at Tied Up Kai wrote about her contribution to the celebrations.  You will enjoy her little post entitled Bruised Tits as she explains how she got them.  😉