Showroom Sex

By | March 26, 2011

When we last went out to buy a new lawnmower Suze was excited, LOL. Suze had never been happy with the one we have and I’ve been saying I’d buy a new one for a couple of years. The old one worked, just not very well and I’ve had to make a number of modifications to it including redesigning and making a new back axle and constantly resetting the blades.

Tramping around the DIY store I spotted the bathroom displays and had a really naughty thought. Would it be possible to find a quiet space in the middle of the labyrinthine display areas and get up to a bit of naughty nookie? After all there were few people in the store because it’s Mothering Sunday and the staff were less than interested in being at work …

Well I decided against it. Rush as it might have been, being arrested was not on my agenda. And then there’s the security cameras and YouTube.

It’s not the first time I’ve thought about doing that sort of thing. The forbidden and elicit nature of such behaviour will always have an appeal. One of thee most likely places to be able to engage in showroom sex is an old family furniture store in the nearest town to us. It’s built in a row of Victorian houses, each four stories tall and with a layout that means every doorway leads to a different set of tortuously interconnected rooms.

There are lots of little alcoves and out-of site mock-ups of rooms, including bedrooms, that you could slip into and … you know what I’m saying.

Anyone else go their own little fantasy about sex in the showrooms?