Bizarre Stahlwerk, Fetish From Germany

By | March 27, 2011

Klinik BizarreI’ve not been back to Germany for too long and the site I found today proves it. Sadly this place is miles away from where we’ll be stopping on our next German excursion, up in the Ruhr to be exact.

This looks like a really kinky dungeon set up for all your fetish fantasies. Particularly loving the twisted nursing staff in Das Klinik *evil grin*

Any body been to this place, or is there somewhere in the UK similar that we could visit, purely for research purposes you understand. Hehehehe

“Lady Carolin of Steel and their team present classical dominance in exciting atmosphere. On over 350sqm find [fetishism], [masochism], slaves and patients the answer to all your unfulfilled bizarre … dreams.” Check out their website here.