Who`s Watching You Fuck?

By | March 28, 2011

There was a time not so long ago when blogs didn’t exist and your diary was the place that most people wrote their inner most thoughts and feelings. It would never have occurred to anyone to publish their inner most thoughts, desires and naughty secrets on a medium which allowed anyone in the world to read them.

Now of course things are different and we like may others do say what we think about sex and sexuality, sexual health and a whole host of other topics online, every day. We describe out sexual encounters and let you all into our bedroom, even if it is only in a virtual way. Hell it would be a bit crowed any other way.

Imagine though if we had to discuss the thing we discuss face-to-face with friends, family, colleagues or as is effectively the case for most of our readers, total strangers. Would we be so candid. I don’t think so.

Especially with family!

Once upon a time it was required that parents adopted a pretence that their sons and daughters did not engage in sex, even after marriage. Imagining your child having sex is almost as bad as imagining your parents doing the deed. Even when grandchildren came along there was a sort of blind spot on the part of parents which meant they didn’t have to think about the squelchy deed that made the conception possible.

Fast forward to today and along with blogs there’s Twitter where minute by minute you can, if you so wish, inform your followers of the tiniest of details about your life.

Imagine if your parents were following you and they received the Tweet “We just had the most amazing anal sex!”.

How things change.