Where`s All The Cock And Boobs Gone?

By | March 28, 2011

Only last year Google’s Street View featured a little prank by a teenager hoping to have his family home feature a rather unusual piece of artwork.

18 year old Rory McInnes decided to paint a large penis on the flat roof of his parents £1 million home. The giant cock measured 60ft in length, as you can see from the image it would have put the Cern Abbas Giant to shame. Lol

He had watched a documentary on Google Earth and came up with the idea of giving something for aerial onlookers something to see. It took him half an hour to paint and sat there un-noticed for 12 months until a passing helicopter pilot got an eye full.

Rory is currently on a gap year in Brazil but his mother Clare has plans for him to clean it off on his return.

Apparently his idea has failed, Google Maps hasn’t picked it up. Nice try though. 🙂

Thing is, in recent months I have noticed that there’s a distinct lack of new Google pranks and nudity in Street View. Are the camera car people turning off the camera, coming back later when the naked people have gone? Or is there a team of tit, arse and cock watchers at Google spotting the occurrence of naughty bits and Photoshopping them out of the images?