Porn, Pictures and Page

By | June 17, 2008

Betty PageI was reading through some of the adult press releases I am sent every day and it occurred to me that there are only a few adult performers who are household names. Well perhaps not household, but for each performer who everyone knows (like Jenna Jameson), there are hundreds whose names you’d find difficult if not impossible to recall, no matter how outstanding their performance.

The adult world seems to quake when someone like Raven Riley announces their retirement. Webmasters across the planet see content streams drying up. But quite frankly, while the big names are the top money earners there are some very hard working people in the adult industry who will still be there producing content even if the top revenue earners all bought their own desert islands and did a Betty Page.

Although retired Jenna Jameson still makes ripples when she announces a new project (another film “How To Make Love To A Woman”, to add to “Zombie Strippers”). Betty’s rather more enigmatic retirement as a recluse rarely makes the papers.

And as for the toiling masses of adult performers, well maybe obscurity isn’t such a bad place to inhabit. It does at least mean you can shop at Tesco without getting some very funny looks when you’re choosing a cucumber.

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