XXX Delivery

By | March 28, 2011

Red And LacyIt was a lovely day today so I decided to do some tidying out in the garden but I was also keeping an eye out for white van man.  He was due to deliver me a nice big box of toys for testing and reviewing and I didn’t want to miss him.

So between raking the grass and having a tidy on the back garden I kept checking that his van hadn’t appeared at the bottom of the driveway.  I was happy when I had completed my work out there and could move to the front garden.

I had been out there for about 30 minutes when his van pulled up.  The delivery guy comes quite often so we always have a bit of a chat.  As he handed over the large box I put it in the hallway and continued to discuss the weather with him.

Some minutes later I slipped back in to the house to get a cold drink, it was quite warm out there today and I had built up a thirst.

As I walked in to the hallway I noticed the box had been recycled and was emblazoned with Rocks Off on the side.  Now I know they make male sex toys but does my delivery guy?  I had to smile.

Even if he didn’t know they make male toys it still sounds a little bit naughty, I’ll have to wait and see if he says anything next time.   lol