Tickle Tup Fun And Fuck

By | March 29, 2011

TickleThis post was inspired by a television program I watched. They featured a couple that were in to tickle torture. I thought about the concept and couldn’t quite understand how you could torture someone by tickling them. But if the girl in this picture offered then how could I refuse.

It seems like a strange way to torture someone, I know. But the more I thought about it the more credible it seemed, you can tickle someone until they submit with their stomach muscles feeling stretched and bruised with all the laughter. This form of torture doesn’t leave any marks either.

I tense up when tickled. It feels good but makes me attempt to resist the stimuli. If tickled too much I have been known to pee myself. Which is probably why I tense up in the first place in an attempt to avoid the embarrassment of wetting myself.

The word “tickle” evolved from the Middle English word tiken (to touch lightly). The actual sensation of being tickled is called gargalesthesia. There are many ticklish areas on the body, more commonly feet, armpits, neck, midriff and groin. However, it is not know why these areas are ticklish.

You are unable to tickle yourself, this is believed to be because you are aware exactly where you are going to be tickled before the event. As a result the stimuli doesn’t tickle. How strange is that? It is believed that effective tickling is derived from not knowing where the stimulation is going to occur.

Tickling can be a bonding activity between parent and child or part of play between children. Developing trust between the two, so should a situation arise in which the child is injured or near danger help can be given.

As a fetish tickling is one of the most common human acts, studies show that almost 85% of adults either enjoy being tickled or tickling. In the fetish sense, it can be administered by a dominant to a submissive using physical restraints. Much the same as with BDSM a safe word can be used to stop activity.

The tickle fetishist derives sexual pleasure from either tickling or being tickled. Tickling implements may be used to heighten the tickling sensation, these are usually composed of feathers. I checked out some of my favourite “Toy” sites but there doesn’t seem to be a great variety of tickling instruments out there. Maybe, I have a marketing possibility there, Suze’s tickly bits. LOL.

Here are some of my finds, not very inspired are they?

There are numerous web sites devoted to this very subject but most seem to be pay sites. I find it most strange that you can find sites devoted to all manner of sexual tendency but try looking for tickling or tit wanking and you seem to be entering the realms of “specialist”. LOL.

This site, The Tickling Media Forum is a good resource and some of the listed sites give free tours.

On the subject of tickling, we had a comedian called Ken Dodd who was very hot in the 70’s, he had a tickling stick and Diddymen and came from Notty Ash. Yes, Notty Ash is a real place in Liverpool. His catch phrase was “How tickled I am”. I know before you say it, he was probably ahead of his time, what with dwarfs and the tickling stick. There has to be a fetish there somewhere. I’ll have to look it up.

I found this picture of the man himself, I’ll let you go and explore the web for the Diddymen. But here’s the site of a rather eccentric fan of Mr Dodd